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About F.A.T.W

Family All The Way

The black family story for so many has been written in turmoil, oppression and a history colored in injustice. This program is designed to change that narrative for a brighter and more prosperous future for every black family we encounter.

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What We Do

Support services
for singles

Being single doesn't have to be lonely or full of aloneness. It is said that when preparation meets opportunity great things happen. Become the life partner you see and you will attract it. We are here to help you become your best.

Support services
for couples

Reports show that divorce is on the rise, especially in Kingdom families. Your relationship, your marriage does not have to become a statistic. Relationships that are nourished, grow. We want to help you give it your best shot.

Support services
for famililies

The black family has been through lifetimes of pain, oppression and brokenness. Many of us do not know our father's and or mother's story which leaves us in the dark about our pathology. We want to help to build connections.

Repairing Marriages

The objective of this show is to help to repair and restore marriages for a healthy, strong community.